More Than Conquerors

     Like sheep we are torn        torn like our Shepherd
     Satan and sickness            torments His temple
                               Yahweh's with us

     Son of the Father             was forged through suffering
     Serving our Saviour           we follow His footsteps
                               Yahweh's with us

     Jesus the Lamb                Lion of Judah
     Battling and bloody           we cry for Your coming
     Son of our God                God of our souls
     We pray for the crown         that cannot see corruption
                               Yahweh's with us

     We trust in the truth         that our Soul-Saviour's spoken
     We'll fly in this flesh       in these bodies now broken
     We're men on a mission        to seek and to save
     Proclaiming His joy           to the glory of His praise
                               Yahweh's with us
                                     by Paul Chamberlain

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